"And then, when the light was gone, they bathed in the darkness."

Here you can find only music and proclamation of freedom.
There is no longer any exodus or time.
While remaining indifferent to trivial semitones, we love music.
We do not like the sun.
Although it shows itself, looks for us and every morning it examines our tracks.
So we are extremely thankful for your interest, for the respect, acceptance and tact.

We are Till it Bleeds.
Our interests are not on your behalf,
but it's a pleasure for both sides to meet at a concert, in a bar or just at night.
Sometimes, we play concerts. In these latter days it happens less and less often.
We like to decorate our music with cinematograph.
We are always honest and straightforward, although many people believe that's just a fairy tale.

Nice to meet you. See you soon.